Bordeaux Church plant and social media

It started with a little booklet circulated on how to make your sermon stay in the memories of your folk through the week by popping key paragraphs on blogs or on social media.
Then George of 100-fold, our wonderful geeky colleagues in the USA, remarked that if I could work out how to schedule Facebook posts this might be useful in a student context.
Then I thought that linking Twitter to Facebook gives two cracks at the whip.
The trail led me back to Hootsuite, a little programme I tried years ago for the Android phone, which takes all your social media feeds, combines them into columns like in a spreadsheet, and presents them to you in one screen. The programme didn't stay on my phone long. I hate spreadsheets anyway. Too much information crammed together. No. But on the PC screen it's OK. AND it allows you to schedule twitter posts. And then Facebook will happily allow Twitter posts to appear on a Facebook page.
So once a week I select short quotes as memory-joggers and pop them into Hootsuite, scheduled to hit the ether at 7am each day.
Doubtless our use of social media and the web will evolve further. Can I make the Facebook page feed into the website? That's the next challenge.


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