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Monday, August 25, 2014

Aber Conference

The third week of our holiday was spent at the Aberystwyth Conference, where the main speakers were Don Carson and Joel Beeke. The main addresses are held in the Great Hall of the University and we were staying in a student flat in the Cwrt Mawr halls of residence. Our flat was shared with one Dutch couple, an Australian couple currently teaching in Kiev and, New Zealander and an English woman.

Don Carson was speaking on Ephesians, the other folks took various themes, passages, approaches. A search for "Evangelical Movement of Wales" in YouTube MIGHT bring up the conference addresses, etc, though there was a rumour that they would be taken down from YouTube and only made available through the Movement's website itself.

There's various seminars in town and a well-regarded missionary exhibition - I went to one seminar where Don Carson spoke on various matters to consider when thinking of preaching through John's Gospel. We also did the mishbish one afternoon.

The conference begins on the Monday, but on Sunday because lots of folks have arrived already the conference borrows a church for two Welsh worthies to preach and Geoff Thomas moves his services to a bigger chapel down the road. This year Geoff preached on Genesis 1, 2 and 3.

The plus points of the conference for me are:

1) seeing old friends (some of them are now very old indeed)
2) being in a big congregation
3) the teaching and preaching
4) the charm of Aberystwyth

We got to visit some friends who live in Aberystwyth, too. I was best man for John Harvey and Jacqueline Hooi's wedding some years ago. John is now Professor of Art at Aberystwyth and it was wonderful to slip into our old friendship again.

While we were at Aber, Gwilym was on camp at Tywyn, just a few slow, winding miles from Aber, and Catrin was in London staying with friends from her camp.

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