"I don't understand pastors who have the time to blog regularly"

What a relief to hear that just as I opened Blogger !

Anyway, be that as it may, and be my blog posts as infrequent as they be, here's an update on the weekend !

The Great Multilingual Pentecost Service took place on Sunday morning.

Here's a photo of the congregation, or at least some of them :

The folk are always keen to hear the Chinese sing.

 We sang some songs simultaneously in Chinese, English and French : In Christ Alone, What a Friend We have in Jesus, All Heaven Declares.
We had a visiting preacher, an American, Mark Mylin from Montauban:

Afterwards we came down like the wolf on the fold and a large quantity of fried rice disappeared before our very eyes :

There was a brief session where the changes before us were sketched out - one lady subsequently asked me about my health and was relieved when I told her of my symptoms. "Ca s'appelle le burnout", she said, relieved because she thought my end was near.

In the evening we discussed the future for the English service and talked through various options. We decided to maintain the meetings, at our house, but to ensure that we take some weekends off and to use recorded ministry at least during the sabbatical.

It was a good Sunday and I think we all made progress under God's hand.


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