Financing mission to Europe

Hi! It's such a long time since I posted. Please forgive me. A lot has happened that I can tell you about. Firstly finance.

One of the great benefits of being in partnership with a mission society is the experience and expertise they can give. UFM has had a worker in France for many years, and she has been working hard to establish support levels for the new workers joining the team.

France is an interesting country economically. The cost of living is basically about the same as in Britain, especially after the price rises of recent years which most people blame on the introduction of the euro.

So the cost of maintaining a family in France is broadly the same as Britain, with ministry costs added on top.

The upshot of this is that our support target is more than £2500 per month, and all this money has to be pledged from supporters before we can set a date for moving to Bordeaux.

This seems a vast sum of money, especially when you work out the annual figure! However, this is the reality of mission to Europe today. And nobody is better placed to undertake this task, culturally, spiritually or financially than we Brits.

Please join us in praying that the Lord of the harvest will send out workers into his harvest fields in Europe, which of course includes providing the financial support for the workers, too.


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