Perhaps the last time

I got back Monday from one of our two-week three-weekend visits to the UK to report to churches on the work here in Bordeaux. I didn't hire a car, but I travelled everywhere by train and, once, by bus.

My travels began with a flight to Bristol Airport, where our friends from Bath were waiting to meet me and take me to their home for the weekend. I flew on the Saturday - there was no direct flight that day - via Marseille. 

Flying via Marseille was a pain in the neck. It meant a LONG journey, a LONG wait in Marseille AND getting the nice bottle of wine confiscated because I bought it in Bordeaux, to in Marseille. I could have had it sealed in a duty-free bag had I realised that at Marseille you have to pass through security again. 

Oh well.

Honestly, that was the worst snag I experienced. Otherwise trains were on time, acceptably clean, reasonably priced (£14 for Newtown Powys to Leicester) and comfortable.

I do these visits alone. Pat used to accompany me but they got too gruelling for her a few years ago.

I hit the wall last Friday, though a late night talking probably didn't help, and once I got moving again I was OK.

I got to attend the Bala Ministers' Conference, and it is delightful to see the young generation of pastors that are serving in the churches. It was also interesting to see churches adapting to the new situation after covid and to changes in church attendance. I also got to see my nephew for a lunch date in Bangor. 

I flew home from Manchester. The North Wales train goes directly to the airport, though you do have to hoof around the airport a little to get to your terminal.

It was a good trip, and it's good to be home.


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