Rethinking social media

Various well-known people are changing their way of using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et al. The problem is that anyone public becomes a target for people who need to express themselves forcefully. Fine, but it becomes tiring to be shouted at by lots of people you have never met.

I'm not in that category, but I am looking forward to changing my use of social media.

Facebook - at present I wish people happy birthday, and Bordeaux Church uses it for announcements via a public page and also a private group. I occasionally put photos of Bordeaux on Facebook. I intend to delete my account at the end of 2025.

Twitter - I only follow people I want to follow, and I only look at the "Following" tab. I don't see the vitriol others see, I guess because of how I use it.

Instagram - the café uses it. It's taking over from Facebook for younger people.

WhatsApp - groups I belong to like the Mission, the International Churches and the CNEF use WhatsApp. The café uses WhatsApp. I'll have to keep using it as long as I'm involved with these groups.

Signal - the Mission has moved from WhatsApp to Signal, while staying on WhatsApp. So I have a Signal account, but I only ever get messages relating to things that don't involve me.


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