A Cœur Ouvert - Espace Gallien

Our little café has now been running for some time, and we have a nice group of regular clients. The first to arrive were older people, generally attracted by the Language Exchange that happens on Monday evenings, or to the handiwork group, Knit and Natter, on Fridays. More recently some younger folk have joined the Monday evenings from the nearby Alliance Française, attracted by the opportunity to converse with real French people. It’s going well.

The Tots and Co group has also been encouraging., with some great friendships and great conversations.

Kids’ workshops at the café have also been very much appreciated, and it’s great to see the place filled with little ones.

The café has survived financially, thanks partly to the generosity of supportes in the UK, but also the low running costs of all being staffed by volunteers. I think the volunteers also enjoy being in the café, I certainly do, and I can get on with reading, typing, etc. when the place is quiet. (Like now.)

We tried loaning the café to one or two groups, but access is difficult because you have to enter the café through the main door of a group of apartments, and we can’t multiply keys to the front door.

Last weekend the group that runs the café held its AGM, and this was a very happy time, especially since we had lunch together beforehand! The picture was taken in a quiet moment.


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