Hope has returned

 You may have felt the disturbance in the force.

Some weeks ago we realised that we were on our last box of PG Tips. 

Now the tea you can buy in French supermarkets is expensive and lousy. No amount of brewing time can make any difference whatsoever. PG Tips is available sometimes, and occasionally even Yorkshire Tea, but these are in small packets and at about six times the price you pay in the UK. This means a box of 40 tea bags here costs about the same as a box of 240 in the UK.

So we order from Amazon, six boxes of 240 at a time. This is a good move, but costs about 50 euros.

Hence my dilemma. We're on the approach to the cusp of moving into our new apartment. We need to be as parsimonious as we can just now. This is why we have not left Bordeaux for some time. Non-essential expenditure is on hold. Austerity is the watchword. We can party later, once we've moved.

Meanwhile, tea...

I waited as long as I could - and then some. So last week we ran out of tea bags.

But rejoice with us. The DPD man delivered our next order of 1440 tea bags today! 


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