Catrin's wedding ceremony

 So Phase 2 of Catrin's wedding was the weekend of 30 October. She and Froim masterminded it, finding a chateau with a couple of gîtes and a donkey named Mirabel, arranging friends to do catering and cake, finding a photographer (mother of a colleague) etc. We simply reserved a Citiz car and helped with shuttling things about.

Catrin had said that she'd like autumn colours for the décor and for the guests where possible. Given Autumn's wide palette of yellows, golds, greens, browns and reds, we had plenty of scope. 

Catrin had ordered her dress from an Italian company that sells by internet. Froim found his suit in a store in central Bordeaux. Patricia shopped the stores and the web for a suitable dress and jacket and I was steered towards a shop on one of the smartest streets of the city. I went at sale time. The guys did the hard sell, trying to get me to buy shoes, socks, bow tie, all from their store. I saw a fabric I liked in a colour that would work but they didn't have it in my size and couldn't't get it. So I went home and looked at their online store - there it was, at sale price. I ordered it to be delivered to the store and they did the trouser hems for me. It was red. Deep red. Maroon. Burgundy. Bordeaux. A suitable gold and black paisley tie came from Amazon. As for shoes, I have my special shoes for special occasions : black Clarks moccasins with a medallion of the Welsh flag on the side - a gift from some friends who found them in a shop in Nottingham.

Sylvain was going to "officiate". I put it in quotes because a religious ceremony has no official standing whatsoever in France. So all Patricia had to do was upstage everyone, and all I had to do was walk about 10 yards from the door of the room to he front. I think I pulled it off pretty well.

I have few photographs, and none of me or of Patricia. If I get hold of any I'll pop them on for you.



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