Second dose of vaccine installed

 My appointment was originally for 17h26 on 21st June, but 21st June is a public holiday for midsummer, what is called the Fête de la Music. I think I've written about this in the past. We're wondering what form this will take in Bordeaux this Monday under covid restrictions. Time will tell. However, we digress.

So the doctor's secretary sent me a SMS to tell me my appointment would be shifted to the 14th June.

Then our computerised doctor system, doctolib, told me it would be 14th June at 17h16. So at about 17h I started out for the surgery.

This was about 5 minutes too early, but the afternoon was very hot indeed so I wanted to allow time to walk slowly. Not only that but I wanted to call into the pharmacy to get some precautionary paracetamol in case I had a reaction. The pharmacy is opposite the doctor's surgery.

Well as I approached the surgery there was a small ill-defined group of elderly men hanging around outside.

"Good day. Is this a queue to be vaccinated?"

"You have to speak to the doctor."

Even as I spoke the tall, shaven-headed doctor appeared in the door. (my auto-correct changed this to seven-headed. I sometimes wonder what world my auto-correct lives in)

"Good day. I'm a bit early"

"Good day. That doesn't matter. It's?"

"Mr Davey"

"Oh yes, you sent me a message."

"Well, I was so impressed by your efficiency!"

"I only read the message yesterday."

"That's a bit less efficient."

"Yes. It went to an account I never use. If you wait here for a while we'll call you in"

Two minutes later I was assigned a seat in the waiting room.

Two minutes later I was called into the nurses room.

"Good day. I'm right-handed."

"Good day. You didn't have any reaction last time?"

"Nothing at all."

"Let's hope this time is the same. OK, I'm sticking it in (je pique). And, there we are. See you again!"

"See you again!"

Out to the waiting room to hang around for 15 minutes.

"Mr Davey, for us it's good."

"Very well. See you again!"

"See you again."


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