Bit of a wobbly day yesterday. 

For one thing we were all waiting for the government to decide on the rules for social distancing for places of worship. They had set a limit of 30 people. This had caused great consternation all around. Imagine the great cathedral with 30 people! 

Then we were still wondering whether we'd be able to go to the UK for Christmas. We had tickets - on the fourth flight we tried. The first booking with Ryanair was changed to a different airport. Then it was cancelled. So we booked with Easyjet. Then that was changed to a difefrent airport and we were given the choice of cancelling. We really wanted to go, but what about testing, quarantine in the UK and in France, and would our flights be cancelled last minute.

In the end we decided that we would accept that Christmas in the UK this year was not going to happen. I cancelled our flights and took a voucher so that we can go over as soon in the New Year as we can.

That just left the government. They had talked about requiring 6m2 per person. Previously it had been set at 4m2 per person which gives around 30 people in our room. 6m2 would allow fewer than 20. It would mean going back online.

Eventually the message was passed around - two empty seats between each person or family group, and leave alterante rows of seats empty. We can live with that!

The day ended with me feeling much less wobbly - still sad at not speding Christmas all together, but at least we can see a way forward.


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