We're havin' a canicule... a tropical canicule... the temperature's risin', it's hardly surprisin'

A heatwave in France is a canicule, and is defined as a period of three days or more where the temperature does not fall below 20°C, even at night. And that's what we've got just now.

It isn't THAT hot, to be honest. Today it's been at 34°C and we've certainly known 38°C in the past - Patricia is sure it has got to 40°C - but it's unrelenting. The sun is very strong. There's no cloud cover. 

You get up and it's hot, you go to bed and it's hot. 
We have fans on all over the flat, our windows closed and the shutters down, and it's hot.

First thing in the morning I run around opening all the shutters and windows to change the air in the flat, but by 9 or 10 everything has to be closed again against the heat.

The government puts up posters telling you to drink enough. You need to drink lots of water.
The posters remind you to eat enough. The temptation is to not eat, but if you don't you don't replace the salts you lose through perspiration.
The posters also tell you to avoid physical effort. Everyone moves slowly. 

The temptation to stay in your flat and not move is strong, but we think you need to get out, so we go to walk under the trees. The refrigerated sections of supermarkets are also very pleasant, as are air-conditioned shops and libraries.

The canicule is forecast to end on Thursday with temperatures under 30 for next weekend.



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