Well you have to plan ahead.

So Pat and I both have some years missing from our NI Pension contributions, but plans are afoot to make up the shortfall. I also will have a small French pension, Pat will have her nursing pension, I'll have my computing pension and we will both have a small pension from contributions UFM makes on our behalf. Putting those things together should give us enough to live on.

But where?

My sisters live in South Wales.

Pat's siblings live in Watford, Slough, Cleobury Mortimer and Burgess Hill.

Our son may be living in Norwich.

Our daughter intends to stay here in France.

Our church before we came is in North Wales, which has many virtues, including affordable housing and being equally inaccessible to all people cited above.

Or we could stay here in Bordeaux.

Much depends on our rights post-Brexit, of course, and where exactly on the scale "zombie apocalypse" to "new golden age" post-Brexit Britain falls.

Thankfully we don't have to decide yet.


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