It's too hot!

So the heatwave is over, but now we just have heat.

The heatwave in this area never got above a yellow alert, so we were spared the extremes of heat, but it was still extremely hot indeed.

The way we manage this is by :

1) keeping the shutters lowered on all windows where the sun strikes.

2) opening all the windows in the early morning and closing them once the sun rises in the sky

3) drinking LOTS of water and quite a lot of tea

4) moving slowly and keeping to the shade as far as possible

5) sleeping under a sheet

6) fans

Americans find it amazing that we don't have air-conditioning, even in new flats, but French people are a little wary of cooling the house too much anyway, and the dry air that air-con produces is bad for your throat.

But even with these measures the heat can be difficult to handle. For example, last night was the choir's end of year meal. For us it meant a 10 minute walk to the railway station, then a 10 minute rail journey followed by a 20 minute bus ride. We'd get a lift home. Hardly excessive. But we couldn't quite rouse ourselves to go.


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