Lousy weather, but there's good news

The weather has been unseasonably chilly, with showery days and windy episodes. Not much like April and May in the South-West of France.

It clipped our wings during Gwilym and Beth's visit. We had intended going to the seaside but there wasn't a reliable day.

It also turned our church barbecue into a staged meal with anything eaten raw, cold or chilled being served first, including crisps, salads and cakes, followed by barbecued vegetables, then by the meat at the end. Our gallant barbecuer did a lot of running, blowing, fanning and relighting...

More seriously two morning frosts have nipped the buds of 10% to 25% of the Bordeaux vines. This isn't always very bad news as sometimes less wine combines with higher prices to make no reduction in profit. It depends how the rest of the year goes. We'll see.

However, in brighter news, we were troubled by our first mosquito last night. It's a sure sign of warmer weather arriving at last.


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