Que du bonheur!

This morning Catrin left for a school trip to Caen to visit the peace museum, the D-day beaches and the war cemeteries. She had to be at Gare Saint-Jean for 6:40. A train from Pessac at 6:33 gets to the station at 6:40, but we booked a Citiz car and I picked it up last night.

5 am found us all bustling about the house and 6 found us hurtling towards the ring road in the car, to find that the slip road was closed.

Quick change of plan, to get to the next slip road would take too long, we headed for Pessac station and got that train.
Catrin hurriedly texted her friends to say that she would not arrive by 6:40.
We caught the train, alighted, found her friends, then Pat and I got on the next train back.

Before leaving we searched the departure boards for a train leaving soon after 6:40 in the direction of Caen, but nothing.

I texted Catrin. So what time's this train, then?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While I had the car I took a load of old worthless treasures to the dump, then Pat wended her way to the bookshop and I got down to my emails.

Cut to lunchtime.

Urgent message from Lycée François-Magendie. Your daughter has been absent from class all morning.

It's no wonder parents go grey. When the kids are sensible the schools are bonkers.


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