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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Poor kids

Well Catrin's results were due at 17:00, but we encouraged her to look at about 10:00.
You never know.

All went quiet just after 10.
Then "Mum, come here..."
Then all went quiet again.

Then the silence grew deeper and more ominous...

Catrin had passed all her exams, with
a very respectable 15/20 in Science,
14/20 in Geography and History,
but 11/20 in français écrit
and 10/20 in français oral.
That was the first silence.

The deeper and more ominous silence was as she began to hear from her friends.
Some had got 7. Some had got 5.
7 is bad. 5 is the pits.
Some few had done better.

Still, she's accumulated 20 or 21 points towards her bac next year,
though it seems that some of her fellow students are starting with a negative score.

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