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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sébastien Fath reports on World Evangelical Statistics (en français)

One note of caution, if the UK counts 5 million evangelicals, of a population of around 60 million we are still in the area of 8% Evangelicals, or 1 in 12.

Is 1 in 12 people in your town or your street an evangelical Christian ?

Link here.


Emmanuel said...

When we lived in Cardiff there was another Christian families in the street and one around the corner. There were others in the area, and quite a lot in Whitchurch (LLandaff North). In some parts of the city you would have more than 1 in 12. But that's in the South Wales Bible Belt. I think the term evangelical is so broad now that it means anyone in a church that's not openly liberal.

Emmanuel said...

Actually there's no definition of evangelical christian in the video. The only criteria that's given is the insistence on a conversion experience. Appart from that, it seems that anything remotely christian which insist on the need to be converted could be classified as evangelical.