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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kindle Bible footnote

The Kindle versions of the French Bible translations that I have tried are frustrating to use.

What you need for a good Kindle version is good table of contents and navigation and it is here that the French Kindle versions are found wanting. When you have your Kindle out, your Version Française open and you need to find Galatians 3 then unless you have table of contents saying Galatians then you have had it.

The Segond 21 is the best I've found but even there you find yourself randomly stabbing in order to get to the CONTENU page where you can choose your Bible book.

The Kindle versions in English seem to do better.

Nothing is as quick as flicking through a pew Bible to find the place.


Martin said...

Much as I love my Kindle, & I have MacArthur ESV Study Bible, it is not easy to follow a preacher who hops from book to book. A paper Bible wins, hands down.

Matthew Evans said...

I got a Kindle recently. Loving it.

Alison said to me a couple of nights ago: 'How are you getting on with your Pringle?' Priceless! I think the name has stuck...