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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Comme un grand !

Yesterday I was in the Maison de la Bible all alone all morning.

Some folk had suggested that they would call in for a chat at about 10, so I made sure to be good and early opening up. I didn't want to be talking to folk while trying to count centîmes!

Ah. Problem. How on earth do you do the start of day routine?
I couldn't find the book of instructions. Frankly, I was falling at the first hurdle.

So I phoned Pat, who couldn't quite remember, so I phoned the manageress, who explained which button to press.

At this point I ought to explain that the till is a PC running a deeply complicated system of shop management which is also bilingual French and German. So it's far from obvious sometimes what to push and when... Every sale involves cursor clicks and function keys and at least three screens of info.

Anyway I got it done and after that, plain sailing, les doigts dans le nez.

We sold so many Bible before Christmas that we don't have much choice any more, so a few people needed help choosing.

A young chappie came in looking for books in the theological line of John Owen. I said, "John Owen? John Owen? What church do you belong to?" He also wanted something to give to a woman, so I suggested John Piper's Seeing and Savouring, which is a lovely in French as it is in English.

A lady came in having dreamt that she should buy a book entitled "Les Epitres de Paul". The only one we had was a John MacArthur commentary at 46€. The lady followed her dream. The humour of this situation didn't strike me till later. Thankfully.

Other folks for calendars, various things. All in all quite a busy morning.

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Martin said...

Ah the joys of software that doesn't make it obvious what to do. (OK, I'm guilty)

Have you tried Windows 8 yet?