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Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Yes, you don't have the feel, smell, heft, thrill of a book.

But you can have LOADS of books on the thing and then slip it in your pocket!
You can buy books in English, French, Welsh (some) and Spanish right here in France.
Not only that but there's LOTS of free books available, classics as well as Christian books.

I know you are supporting the evil beast Amazon which killed off independent booksellers,
then killed off the chains and now is killing off everyone else, too.

So I am not advocating never buying a book again. The full immersive reading experience does need that smell, the ability to scribble, dog-ears, tears, smudges, etc...

But we do find these Kindle things jolly useful.

I have tried in my time, and I put in order of preference :

Kindle Paperwhite. Nice white screen and good to read in the dark. (The newer one's even better)
Kindle app on mobile phone. OK if your screen is big enough.
Kindle Fire. Also pretty good, but you can get distracted by other things.
Kindle Touch. Nice, but the paperwhite has better contrast.
Nook Touch. OK, but not as good as the Kindles.


Martin said...

I'm very happy with my Kindle Keyboard. An advantage you didn't mention, since you're still a young whippersnapper, is the ability to adjust the font size to your eyesight.

Alan said...

Ah yes! That's true!
A LARGE PRINT Bible in a small package!

I have never tried a Kindle keyboard, though I have seen and handled one.