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Friday, January 24, 2014

CNEF council and "Café Spirituel"

Yesterday morning was the committee meeting of the CNEF, and a happy time of planning it proved to be, with :

a joint Easter Monday service  

We haven't managed to get a big hall in Bordeaux, the big public halls cost in the order of 6000€, so we're using the biggest evangelical church, which has seating for 400 and can add perhaps 150 more.

a Training Day on Islam

the next pastors' fellowship 

In one of the cafés I use as a meeting up place I had noticed a poster for a café spirituel with a debate on whether religions are or are not compatible with human rights. Well, it's good to know what cafés are happy to host, so I went along.

I was the youngest person there by about 15 years, and whatever it was it was certainly not a debate. The organiser was sat at a table with his book propped up alongside him generously sharing his knowledge gained from his travels all over the world. Suffice it to say that I said nothing and I don't think I'll be going along again.

Today is Francis day ! We have a pastoral visit from our pastor from North Wales !
He's booked into the Imperial Suite in the Chantafred hotel just down the road,
and torrential rain is forecast.

And quiet on the blog for a while.

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