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Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm very excited!

There's another big Together for the Gospel conference in Geneva in May.

That's the one I went to two years ago during which I stayed in the nuclear bunkers built into the hills around Geneva in 27-man bunk beds (and which also contributed to breaking the bank for a while!)

Well I can't face the bunkers. I just can't. But there's a gang of folk going from Bordeaux and we plan to share the driving and the cost of the car journey so getting to Geneva would be cheap.

But where to stay? Not the bunkers. Not again.
I phoned around and hunted on the web. Youth Hostels pushed the price out of our league.
No. Not the bunkers.

So I emailed the brothers to say that I couldn't go, when one of them replied that he'd found accommodation - all we'd need to do is take sleeping bags, pillow cases and "a small participation".


Oh yes, last time it was Henri Blocher, Don Carson and John Piper.
This time it's Henri Blocher, Don Carson and Tim Keller.

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