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Alan and Pat live and work in Bordeaux. Alan is a pastor and Pat was a nurse. Now we work with UFM worldwide. Read on! (If you'd like to know what took us to Bordeaux, then start with the archives from September 2004)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Café Littéraire

This Thursday, digestive tract permitting, I hope to direct my feet towards the same café I was in last week, but this time for a café littéraire, where some crazed loon will launch a discussion on whether science fiction gives a vision of the future or something.

To be honest I doubt if it is possible for me to be less interested in a subject, except that a good debate in French is always a good idea AND...

it occurred to me the other day that it would be possible for us in central Bordeaux on an evening at 18h30 to do a series of "Café Biblique" where, for example, Romans is presented to the listening crowds...

I must go to the café littéraire, look interested while pondering and praying about how a Café Biblique might look and work.

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