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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Miscellaneous New Year Reflections - Burnout

It's a funny thing, this burnout lark.

I mean, I'm fine. No, really, I'm fine.

I feel happy. I feel joyful. I like jokes, music, books, people. I think I still make sense, a bit.

But I can't handle conflict, politics, late nights, procrastination, disorganisation.

So I have had to withdraw from certain things that I love, like :

Church organization. Strong discussions. The Music School committee. The Big Band.

Some conflicts don't leave you in peace, they come to get you, and they have been hard to live with.

I think it's a bit like having a broken leg. Physically, otherwise, you're fine.
Your other leg, wonderful. Your arms in fine fettle. (Oops)
You're fine. But out of action because of that one thing.

I am a little more demotivated than usual. I am more anxious than usual.
Perhaps that's a normal reaction. Anyway.
Whatever bit of my personality handled the things above is broken and slowly mending.

Still, it's given unprecedented time with the family. To begin with I feared that, thinking of all the couple who have problems adapting to life when hubby retires... But it's been fine.

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Matthew Evans said...

Very, very interesting. And I thought it was just me...