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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


On the tram into town, plenty of time, envelope of printed-out stuff for café philo in my sticky little hand, pass Peixotto, turn the corner - SUDDEN EMERGENCY STOP.

(This is quite dramatic in a tram)

All the surrounding cars stopped - possibly just to look, who knows.
The assumption was that we'd hit something.
The driver leaves his seat and walks back and fore round the tram.

I text Simon. "Tram accident. Print the stuff quick."

A couple of minutes later and we're rolling again.
I got there early - before almost anyone else.

The café philo theme was "Love".
As I waited a couple came in to the café for a quick cup of coffee and a slow snog.
I hoped they'd leave before the café philo started, though I suppose they illustrated the theme in a way.

M. Plazy says we need tyres now, brake discs and pads soon and a fuel filter some time.
OK. So this morning I must shop around for tyres. It's a fag.

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