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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My birthday present came on Monday - a bit early - like six weeks !

It's a plastic trombone.

Yeah, I know.

But this firm in England has started producing plastic trombone which are playable and have certain advantages over the usual variety - they're very light, they're very robust and they cost £50. And they're selling like hot cakes.

So I obtained authorisation to have one of these for my birthday and when some became available I ordered one, delivered to a friend in North Wales and sent on here.

It's a marvel. Bright yellow plastic, but it's playable. It's sure playable.

Renaud prof de trombone is all agog. He wonders whether it'd be a good idea for the tinies who are starting lessons.

Maybe, but also I think they'd go down wonderfully well in street bands - if we could get 200 red ones we'd sell the lot in one weekend at the Feria de Dax or at Condom for the banda festival.


minternational said...

We'd like to see a picture, please. Harold was pestering us about a PBone for Christmas (we resisted). Maybe you can set yourself up as Mr PBone distributor in France and make a packet.......

Annie said...

The first thing I thought of upon reading "plastic trombone" is the vuvuzela...