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Monday, March 28, 2011

PJB at Bellegrave

Here's some photos of the set-up and sound check for the PJB 20th anniversary concert at Bellegrave. Everyone was a bit jittery about it because it was the first time for the music school to put on a concert of this size - cabaret-style, admission of 8€ and food available on sale. How many people would come ? Would the event pay for itself ? What if we made a loss ? In the event there were over 300 people present and all the food was happily bought. It appears as if the event paid for itself with perhaps a little left over to help the music school along.

The sound check took longer than anticipated in the afternoon because the mikes had not been wired up, so instead of 1/2 hour of messing about we had an hour of hanging about. I had to sneak off to the Chinese Christianity Explored group but only half the trombones were there anyway, so I don't think it made a lot of difference !

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