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Friday, March 04, 2011

Films and faith

There have been a couple of films lately that have given occasion to discuss faith with people. The first is called Des hommes et des dieux and is based on the true story of the monks in a monastery in, I think, the Atlas Mountains who were abducted and assassinated by Islamic militiaman. It gave a good picture of commitment, courage and submission to God's plan.

The other film has recently come out. Based on the book Catholique anonyme, it's a fictionalised true story of a man who, in his forties, decides to attend a catechisme class for adults and becomes converted to Christ. The film, Qui d'entre vous a envie d'être aimé ?, has been made by the author's wife who does not share his faith, though they are still together and she is not unsympathetic. It charts as much the reactons of his friends and family to what happened as his own personal journey.

I saw the first film, but I haven't yet seen the second. It was only being shown in an expensive cinema in the city centre and for the price of two tickets we could buy the DVD when it first comes out, so we decided to do that. However you don't have to see a film to be able to discuss it with people, as years of discussing soap operas at the office testify. "No, I didn't see it. Tell me what happened. So what do you think about that ?"

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