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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A techie morning

Our internet company, Free, recently brought out its latest modem and TV box combination - the Freebox Révolution. As we'd had our setup for five years and it was starting to creak I decided to sign up for it.

In December.

Along with lots of other people.

Anyway it was delivered to our local newsagent last Friday and we were summoned to collect it. Our local newsagent is a super chap who loves to speak Engleash with us so we always like going in there. I collected it this morning and proceeded to plug it in, dreading the complicated setup procedure I'd have to follow to get everything linked up.

OK. Plugged in the CPL adapters and got them linked. Squinted a bit to try and detect the change from orange to green but this was confirmed by Mrs Davey.

Plugged in modem. It linked up. So far so good.

Plugged in TV box. It linked up. OK !

Turned on PC. Hey ! It linked up first time after neither jiggery nor pokery !

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