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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm thinking again - this time it's about principles, practice and pragmatism

Principles. We need rock-solid principles. Perhaps the word convictions is better because it's stronger. They need to be thought out, discussed, worked through and held firmly.

Practice. People say, "In principle ... and in practice..." OK.

Then where does pragmatism come in ? Sometimes pragmatism is wrong, but always ?

Is all pragmatism simply unfaithfulness to our principles ? This perhaps assumes that our principles are perfect, absolutely biblical and supremely authoritative ? That we have it absolutely right ?

Is some pragmatism necessary as the adaptation of our principles to an uncooperative world ? Because our principles are firm and solid we can bend and move.

Is a degree of pragmatism the recognition that our principles are good, but not perfect ? That our principles need more reflection and refinement ?

What do you think, people ? I may tell you what sparked off this reflection later.

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