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Monday, March 07, 2011

Brief report on the weekend

The first session of Christianity explored in Simple English Français Fondamental seemed to go well. There were about 10 people and we got over the linguistic faultlines of Franglarin pretty well. We'll continue to meet at 16h partly because people are never on time and partly because it'll give us more time to rephrase things, say "What's he on about" in Mandarin, etc.

Afterwards I popped into the main Chinese group to say hallo but thought it unwise to stay all evening as I was starting to feel a bit used up. So home for an early-ish night.

Sunday morning I wasn't on duty as such, just present at church where Dik preached on Ruth 4 noting how Boaz observed God's law and how we should find God's law joyful.

The service was followed by a fellowship barbecue at a family's home in Cadaujac. The sun blazed down and I was just too warm with my sweatshirt on but I would have been chilly without it I think. It was good to talk informally with folks.

Then off home to drop off a now ailing Catrin and her mother on the way to the English service. Some students were back, others still not with us, but a useful time for those who were there. Are people scared off after the discussion of personal relationships arising from Samson in Judges ? Surely not.

This morning (Monday) a lie-in. I'm pretty bushed !

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Annie said...

Super glad to hear about the baptism class, looking forward to joining in myself hopefully next year! Thanks so much for your time :D

Wish I had been there for the discussion Sunday night - would have loved to hear the rest of Samson's story for the 23948th time.

Hope all is well with you!