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Thursday, March 17, 2011

This has fascinated certain pastors on the web

the fact that Brian Croft cleaned the toilets at his church.

I declined to comment for a few days.
I dream of merely cleaning the toilet.
We have a chemical toilet in the church since January and only I know how to empty it !

Ah bon, il y a plus embêté que moi, quand même !


Anonymous said...

Shocking, isn't it? Hey, wait a minute . . .

One day, brother, you too will have the privilege of joining the ranks of the Ignoble Order of the Pastoral Porcelaineers.

Until then, press on, until the Willing Servants of the Plastic Privy give you their greatest prize, that title to which all aspire: "He who has Verily Scraped the Bottom of the Barrel."

Alan Davey : said...

LOL ! is I think the most apt expression...

Martin said...


Sot ehy told you the do not know how to empty the toilet?

Alan Davey : said...

Recent news
Simon has emptied the toilet !
Good egg Simon !