Today promises to be a ball

Just finished the order of service for the culte en français tomorrow afternoon.

Then I need to raid the supermarket for burgers and sausages ( and my MicroHebdo / HebdoMicro ).

Then go with the family to Gwilym's collège for the Portes ouvertes where there's something he's done that we have to see.

Then this afternoon a proper French wedding at the Mairie de Bordeaux. First occasion to dress up smart in France, and first French wedding ever, except for that one we gate-crashed in St Aubin sur mer years ago. The fact that the couple got married in April in the USA and this French wedding is just the simplest way to satisfy French admin will not spoil our sense of occasion.

Oliver and I have pledged to go in berets. I may renege on that §. But I have also got hold of some party trumpets because we will walk from the mairie to the reception hall so we won't be able to honk our car horns.

Then this evening a swift supper with the Foucachons.

Finish preparation for tomorrow morning's preach.

Powerpoint for the afternoon.

Leaflets / songsheets for the morning.

Piece of cake ( when God gives us the strength )


Alan said…
§ we both reneged on that. I had mine in my bag but Oliver didn't have his with him at all.

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