A quiet weekend

This weekend we are meeting with the Eglise Libre in the morning which means there's no Service in English, no preparation of order of service, no projection of hymns to do. Nothing except try to ensure people know how to get there and get food ready for eating together afterwards.

Today I'm at the student centre and we have the English Class. Gwilym has a rehearsal this morning for the ensemble de saxos at the fête de la musique next week, then he has youth group this afternoon.

Because there's no Service in English tomorrow we will try to get the anglophones together this evening and eat together.

One of the anglophones is a doctor from India who is in Bordeaux on an Erasmus scheme and will shortly leave for Rome. I asked where in India she's from, because we have friends who have strong links with Delhi, who worked in Maharastra province and speak Marati.

She said that she was from the North East, and that her church at home is Welsh Presbyterian.


You aren't from anywhere near Manipur ? Our church group at home has strong links now with the Independent Church of North India, which was founded by Watcyn Roberts, a Welsh Presbyterian.

It's the same kind of area, the same kind of church and the same kind of people but not exactly where she's from.

India's very big !


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