I am on the hunt for cheap Bibles in English

They have to be in modern standard English - they're for the English classes. If anyone knows a good place to look then do please say !


Anonymous said…
Bibles can be had for a fiver or less:

10 for £50

12 for £60
1 for £4
£150 for 20 (hardback)

If you don't mind waiting, and are buying enough to make shipping from the States worthwhile, try IBS. They have Bibles for £1!
Alan said…
Crackerjack, Mark.

Yes, I had thought of IBSdirect and will probably order from them unless something even better comes up. Well - I know it won't be cheaper but it might be nearer and stuff...
Anonymous said…
I have to say Alan that, as long as it's printed in English rather than American, my personal preference would undoubtedly be for the ESV. There, that would have opened a whole can of worms had this post been higher up the page and read by more people. We could start up a whole new AV/alternative version debate - what fun!

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