Readers write ..... "English ?"

Hi Alan
Great to hear all the latest news...
But one thing confuses me. Why are you starting services in English? Unless I have missed something, I did not realise that there was a large English-speaking community in Bordeaux. Are these English people, or people from elsewhere who use English as a lowest-common-denominator currency?
Enlighten me, do...
Every blessing

Hello Reader !

We have both.

Firstly, since Eleanor of Aquitaine married Edward the -3 in the year ought-dot and inadvertently started the 100 years war, England and Bordeaux have had immensely strong trade links. The Bordelais fought for the English against the French during said war.

Then modern times have seen two influxes - people passing through with their work and people coming to retire after their working life is over. The former often Americans. The latter almost always Brits.

Last but by no means least - the overseas students who come to study in France with not a word of French but with basic functional English - they choose France because fees etc are so high in Britain.

English - it's the lingua franca, you know !


There is also lots of scope for work in Chinese (Mandarin), and in Turkish, Spanish, etc. etc.


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