Broken minds

I'm reading 'Broken minds' by Steve and Robyn Bloem at the moment. It's a book about depression that blends testimony and analysis, theological reflection and medical description. It comes highly recommended by such men as John Rawlinson of Banner (a good friend to so many) and published by Kregel. Good pedigree then.

It's a somewhat controversial book, mainly because mental illness and depression is so controversial, especially in the USA where there are so many competing and conflicting models and opinions on the subject and where analysis, therapy and so on seems so strong in the culture.

I've had the book for quite a while but I've been spurred into reading it by the death of an old friend in North Wales.

I am about a third of the way through. I'm just entering the section where they talk about the different treatments. If you have read the book what are your thoughts ?


kidrob55 said…
I hope it is okay for me to leave a comment. I am the coauthor with my husband of Broken Minds. We are so passionate about helping people with mental illnesses. God has given us a unique understanding through our own experiences. My husband has been a pastor, a therapist--and an inpatient in three different psychiatric hospitals over the last 23 + years.
We are empathetic to the problems of psychiatric illness and our hearts are full for the sufferers of these various mental disorders. Christians-- ALL Chrisitans need to know it is a physical illness that responds to medicine. Some depressed people have other issues but so do some blonds, some tall people and some ugly people. Well, thanks for reading the book. I hope it is a blessing.
Sincerely in Christ, robyn Bloem
Alan said…
Hi Robyn. Thanks for leaving the comment and thanks for your amazing honesty and openness in the book. It has provoked a lot of thought and reflection, though not much discussion on the blog !

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