A happy busy Sunday

We were 12, I think, for the culte en anglais, and Ben preached from Ephesians 1:15 -> on how to pray for each other like the apostle Paul. Afterwards we ate on the patio and it was a good time of fellowship and discussion.

As I sat in the front row under the watchful gaze of the Grommit stuffed toy on the shelf I reflected on how careful I am to shut all the windows before we start and how one week I must leave the windows open and wander down the driveway to find out how loud our singing really is.

For the culte en français we were in Matthew 11: 7 - 19, where Sammy preached on the uniqueness of John the Baptist. The church is sailing through choppy waters just now - just a few weeks before we quit the conference centre. Sammy saw a place for sale on Friday, but it wasn't for us. Our numbers are a little down at the moment - we miss some of our students and the exam season takes its toll.


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