2375 euros !

I thought I'd show you the price in our local supermarket of a bottle of Petrus Pomerol red.

2375€, that's the price.
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Anonymous said…
Yes, yes, all very well, but what does that work out at per glass in sterling? (Remember approximately six glasses to the bottle - unless you're using very large glasses, a favourite trick! (Another naughty habit is filling red wineglasses to the top and then you'll never get your six - "Waiter, another bottle please")).
Alan said…
OK. As I type 2375€ is £1876.13.

That's for the bottle. For 1/6 of the bottle, therefore, you pay about £312.70.
Anonymous said…
Nuff sed! I quite fancy the wine, but not at that price - may I have a cash alternative please? (Mind, I bet it's gorgeous though, the trouble with wine is, once it's gone, it's gone and so's the dosh.)

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