Oh well it's time to change (ii)

I got an email from my mobile phone company, TEN.

I ought to explain that I have been on this brilliant contract where for 14 euros a month I get up to 1 hour of calls / up to 120 text messages, plus unlimited internet access, MSN and something else that I can't remember what it is and I have never used.

The only problem is that I have an aging phone with a small screen that makes internet access pretty pointless really. And aging eyes ! The one time when it would be useful (checking bus times) it's not much good. I fancied changing phone but I am tied in to this contract till December.

Or rather I was. They are stopping my contract. TEN were bought up by Orange and so all the old TEN people have to move across to TEN by Orange or go elsewhere. Since the cheapest TEN by Orange is 40 euros a month I will go elsewhere. Probably to Orange, strangely enough.

So I tried to phone them yesterday and got the "All our operators are busy. Please sling your hook." message. This morning I phoned them again and was shocked when somebody answered the phone straight away.

Can I just change to any operator ? Yes.

Can I do it now ? Yes.

Can I keep my number ? Yes.

Well there we are. It was good while it lasted, but it's time to find something else.

Now what size of screen would I need to be able to read the bus company website on ?


Anonymous said…
Er...Do they make them blackboard size???
Alan said…
Thanks Kenneth.

Very good to have you back !

Someone else suggested the rather scrumptious iPhone which comes out here on 17 July, but the contract for that feller starts at 50 euros a month (40 quid). Too much man.

I was thinking this morning that I have never ever owned anything produced by Apple. I like their designs but that's about all I like.

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