Uniqlo arrives in Bordeaux

Now then, since I started running I have lost no weight whatsoever.

We have also changed the way we eat, greatly reducing the amount of carbohydrates in our diet, and I have lost no weight whatsoever.

Catrin has become almost vegetarian and so we now eat much less meat, too. And this has had no effect whatsoever on my weight.

But I can only assume that I have become more dense, because I have changed shape. This means that I can now wear clothes from shops I could never have shopped in before. It's quite amazing, especially when I recall how one American lady a few years ago looked me up and down and said, "You really should visit America. You would like the sizes."

hmmm. Cheeky monkey!

Other friends have long suggested that I shop at Uniqlo, an online clothing shop of Japanese origin, but I am reluctant to order online, especially when the same printed size label can mean wearing a tent or a tea-bag - and then if it's not right you have to send the thing back... No.

Well, Uniqlo has just opened a store in Bordeaux and while Mrs Davey was reading "far away", "near", "now the next line backwards", "now try with both eyes shut", I went down to check it out.

I didn't get in, but I did hear the Japanese drummers making a dreadful racket, heard the various people making speeches, and saw the queue going twice round the block to buy sweaters at 10€ off and socks at 6 pairs for 10€. Buy one merino wool sweater, get 12 socks free.

Once Mrs Davey told me she'd been seen and was ready to go we got some celebration cakes from Gaston and then hied us away home for tuna and cucumber sandwiches.


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