At the insurance office

I called at our insurers' office, just about 5 minutes walk from the flat, to drop off the bill for Pat's cataract operation in the hope of it being reimbursed. We should be covered. The person who dealt with it said, "OK, I'll send that off."

"I ought to talk to you about life insurance, too, in case we die, because to die incurs costs."

"OK. What kind of sum are you thinking of? 10,000€?"

"Sounds about right. I guess a burial costs about 5,000?"

"5 - 7,000€, yes. Here we are, for straightforward life insurance you're talking about 7€ per month per person."

"OK. That sounds affordable."

"Alternatively we have endowment policies that pay out in case of death but also your premiums are saved up. There for 10,000€ cover you'd be putting aside 50€ per person, but in 5, 10 or 20 years you get these sums of money back. And of course, if you die then your wife gets the money."

"Oh, I shan't tell her."

"No, you must tell her."

"I'll leave a letter or something. Lots of people die suddenly for less than 10,000€."

"Oh yes, we had a case of that. Not here in Pessac, but a man who took out life insurance, but he did it here, at the bank, at other insurers. Then he took his wife on holiday and pushed her off a cliff."



"Oh, I don't think there's any fear of that. My wife is very kind."

"The premiums depend on any serious illnesses, pre-existing conditions."

"Well if there are any we don't know about them! Anyway, they know all about our health, we're insured with them."

"That's true. But they don't know about any antecedents."

"Ah, well there there's only bad news."

"Oh, really?"

"Well yes! All my antecedents are dead. Everyone dies in my family."

"Oh yes. Mine too... I can't find your profession on the screen."

"I'm a pastor, a protestant pastor."

"Hang on, here's pastor, imam, monk or ... POP. What's a POP?"

"I don't know. Perhaps Priest or......"

"Priest or... Priest or perhaps. That's it! Well here's all the information."

"Thanks. Have a good day."


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