Book review - Good and Angry - David Pawlinson

A whole book about anger! That is at one and the same time so necessary and such a narrow focus that in a way this sums up my reaction to this very good book.

Pawlinson's concern is to help us to understand anger, and to help us to address and solve our problems with anger. For this reason he progresses slowly through the book, building step by step, section by section, gradually putting in place his argument.

Please don't misunderstand me. Pawlinson's writing is not at all stodgy or ponderous. In fact this book contains one of the shortest and best written chapters I have ever read. Excellent work!

But from time to time I found myself shouting at the book. "Yes, but...". "Well maybe, but what about..." and "Aren't you going to talk about...". Then, often in the next chapter, he would.

Now it's a sad fact of life that we have difficulty admitting to ourselves that we have a problem with anger. (That's what makes the short chapter I mention above such a useful one, by the way.) That means that some of us will never pick this book up and find the help it offers. So it's especially useful for pastors, counsellors, mentors, leaders, father, mothers and friends to read this book, so that you can find the help you need both for your own anger problems and to help those around you.

I received this book freely in electronic form in exchange for an honest review.
I honestly liked the book a lot and will read it and recommend it to others.


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