Squirting water up your nose

Every morning and every night I squirt sea-water up my nose, as the doctor told me to.
I sing a jaunty song as I do so:

The wise man squirted water up his nose (x3)
As the doctor told him to.

The water shoots up and the bugs flow down (x3)
So squirt some water up your nose.

But as of yet the efficacy of this treatment is unconvincing.
I sneeze. My nose runs. I am, basically, unconvinced.
I'll keep going till the can runs out of water, but I can't promise that I'll buy another.


Stephen Dunning said…
It works for me. I use salt water, not sea water - stronger & cleaner. My breathing is definitely easier when I remember to use it regularly.
Alan said…
Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Stephen Dunning said…
Use a syringe!

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