I can't remember the last time I felt like this about the autumn

Today the summer has one last go - temperatures above 30°C and glorious sunshine - so Patricia and I hied us away to Bordeaux Lac for a quick stroll by the waterside. Bus 4, then tram C, basically the same route that takes us to Ikea.

As we passed through Pessac we spotted an unusual market, so we stopped to look. There's a new initiative in Pessac called "Pessac Village" which will bring an arts and crafts market to Pessac from time to time as well as other events. There was a stage with a jazz saxophonist, a folk singer and a rock band scheduled.

So we got off the bus to look around. The stalls were charming with all sorts of things, from concrete sculptures moulded in origami to sock monkeys and solar powered butterflies. One stand was selling little cakes made without any kind of flour or sugar, all made from dried fruit and the stall-holder was keen on getting us to sample all her wares - pear and chocolate, coconut and ginger, etc... We considered using them as a dessert for the meal when the UFM retreat comes to our home, as one of our number has intolerances to gluten and sundry other things, but at 3€ a cake it would mean 50 euros just for dessert. Hmmm. Not on, me thinks.

We resumed our journey and alighted the tram just where the new Ginko flats meet the edge of the lake. It was super to stroll along the footpath and look out over the lake towards the beach on the other side - well visited today. The new Ginko flats are very attractive with a variety of unusual designs, geometric shapes, some looking like stylised houses stacked up high, others in graceful curves looking like the bridges of a series of ships. With a view of the lake or an outlook over the canal it would be very pleasant to live there - and a short walk from the massive Bordeaux Lac shopping centre. But we're very happy in Pessac.

After a happy time wandering and exploring we took the tram all the way back to Pessac then strolled home down Rue de la Paix. The sun was hot and my tee-shirt is black so it was a nice little bonus summer.

One day, some years ago, while walking round the Pape Clément vines we met one of the lecturers from the Language School here. We chatted and she told us she lived on Rue de la Paix. So a couple of weeks ago while walking down Rue de la Paix we wondered which was her house. There was a super little cottage which to me seemed just right and when we looked at the mailbox - well, yes, it was hers! So one of these fine days we'll pop a note in telling her that we live just about 50 yards away and inviting her for a tisane some time.

Tomorrow morning should be rainy and much colder and next week we're back down to the low 20s. October usually stays quite pleasant, but in November it gets chilly, then December through to February can be really quite cold. By mid-February the mid-day is pleasant again.

But we have double glazing! We have good, efficient heating! We have a long hallway to keep the cold out! We have no worries for our cold water supply, or anything else for that matter. For the first time in a long time the winter feels like it will be easy.


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