"My wife has had another operation."


"Well yes, she has two eyes..."

This was the exchange when I handed the bill into our insurance office in the hope that they will reimburse us. They haven't done so for the first operation yet. We'll give it a week and then I may have to go and see them about it.

*Update: We got all but 50€ reimbursed for the first eye, so if they follow that pattern the operations will cost us something in the order of 100€, plus, of course, the insurance premiums we pay for health care.

Anyway, last week's appointment was for 8:30 and they rang the day before to tell us to come for 7:30. "Oh yes! If you come at 8:30 it will be too late!"

OK.. So we rolled into the clinic at exactly 7:30.

This week they phoned to say that we should come at the time indicated on the appointment. "If it says 9:40 (which it did) then you should come at 9:40!"

"But last week..." said Patricia...

Anyway, we rolled up at 8:40. Patricia's appointment was for 9:40 but she actually had her operation at 10:40.

Go figure.

It was a different team of nurses and a different anaesthetist.

This time fewer eye drops but perhaps a sedative given.
More discomfort but a shorter wait before being discharged.

Meanwhile I was sent away to wait elsewhere, so I drove off to Ikea, just two miles away, and availed myself of free coffee and wifi.

Today she can see for miles and miles.
But she can no longer read at all!

On Monday we scuttled into Hema in the centre of Bordeaux to try their reading glasses, and with the strongest (+3) she could read, so I might get a pair of the cheapest +3 reading glasses I can find to tide her over.

On Friday she sees the ophthalmologist for a post-op check-up.

They said to come back a week later for assessment for glasses.
Meanwhile another woman was told to wait three months to allow her eyes to adjust.
Again, go figure.


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