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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Got my marks for DELF B2 through today

I was relieved to have passed comfortably, even the part with the letter complaining about the cow.

I got 91%. My lowest mark was 21/25, which corresponds to 84%, for the letter about the cow. My highest mark was 25/25 for the oral.
How can anyone award 100% in a language exam? Especially for an oral?

Anyway, I feel stupid for having got so worked up about the exam, I feel encouraged to have a French certificate of competence in French, and I feel thankful for the encouragement.

The last time I had a result like this was my A levels, in 2003 or thereabouts, where I got 94% overall and 100% in my AS exams. Again I don't quite see how that's possible, but hey... That was when we were in that awful time of working through leaving our church, which we love, to come and serve in France. We needed encouragement.

Now we're in this messy time of church planting. It's so ... untidy.

In church life there's rules, there's a team, there's people who take decisions together, there's a limited range of possibilities, there's relationships that have been forged over the years, there's a pretty clear path ahead, even when you have to make big decisions together.

We have little of that. Everything's up in the air. Simple things are all complicated. I wonder if we'll make progress at all this year. But we'll get through it because if God is establishing a church in the centre of Bordeaux then he will do it, and if he chooses to use what we do then it will all work out, and even if it doesn't, it's fine, because it's a good enterprise, and will involve good things on the way and all is good.

So there we are. 91%. Now then, do I have to get our parents' birth certificates officially translated into French or not? Who knows! Where's that form?

Thank you for your prayers, and for your patience!

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