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Friday, September 30, 2016

Back to the running

I slept pretty well.
My breathing settled down considerably yesterday.
I felt well again.
So at 6:30 it was "run time".

And it felt very good. I'm still building up slowly after the summer break and stuff, so I'm not running for 30 minutes yet, just over 20 minutes, with a short walk to begin and to end.

But next week I hope to add in another 1km loop and bring it up to almost 1/2 hour.

I run like an old codger. As I was galumphing down Rue Profond I thought of the old codgers we see running round the place and how my pace and gait must resemble theirs.

But then even if I run like an old codger, at least I run like an old codger who is out running.

And it was good.

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