Oh well, it was bound to happen some time

Yes. I fell.

I tripped over a very small water tap cover just alongside the vineyards of Château Pape Clément.

Thankfully not many folk were around, and on our white dust pavements you land quite softly, really. Not like on tarmac (ouch) or gravel (yuk).

I have a small graze on the heel of my hand, and sore spots on my elbow and knee, but apart from that more fear than harm (plus de peur que de mal), and to be honest, not much fear either.

I landed with a soft sound, quickly realised that I had done no serious damage, considered how much further I had to go and carried on without difficulty.


Rhodri Brady said…
Sorry to hear that you fell. Are you helping okay?

As an encouragement, the fact you fell means you're still young. If you were old you would have 'had a fall'. You're in trouble when you've 'had a fall'.
Alan said…
Oh yeah.
Couple scabs on my hand, elbow and knee.
Aches in arm and hip.
But OK.
Running again tomorrow.

It's good practice for years to come when I start falling in the bathroom and stuff.

(Last time I fell it was backwards down someone's stone steps outside their house a couple years ago. Much nastier!)

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